What on earth is CHNSA ????

Well its quite simple really …  is stands for  Castle Hill Near Space Agency … we are in Castle Hill in NSW and our current projects involve near space and high altitude balloons (hab) so sounds like a good name to use for the project :)

Near Space is the area between approx  ~ 23km (75,000ft) high and space which has a boundary above the Karman line at 100km (328,000ft) in altitude

CHNSA  is a father and son team Todd (Fourty something) and Mark (11).
We enjoy science and engineering related projects and thought this would be a great project to do. Check out our previous water rocket projects at http:/wrocket.hampson.net.au

Our initial goal is  launch a high altitude balloon into near space with amateur radio and satellite tracking, a temperature logger and a HD camera to get some pictures or video then successfully recover it. Once we can successfully track and recover the balloon, we will look to launch additional scientific experiment payloads and student payloads.

We are hoping to get our Marks school involved in designing and building payloads to raise the awareness of near space, science and engineering.

As with our previous projects, we document what we have done so others can use the information and we are always open to suggestions and advice from others in the field.

We hope you enjoy our website and regularly come back to check out our progress

Mark & Todd Hampson


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Shane van de vorstenbosch says:

Awesome project. I wouldn’t mind discussing some of it with you if possible.

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