The flight track based on data from the tracker

Habduino Tracker Flight 1

We flew our tracker when Robert from Wotzup gave us the opportunity to fly our tracker as a secondary tracker on his balloon recently. It was a great opportunity to test the tracker as well as the new APRS iGate in the Defender We launched from Weethalle in Country NSW, the balloon reached a height […]


Balloon Chasing

Team CHNSA had the chance to be involved with a recent balloon launch  with Robert Brand (VK2URB) and jumped at the opportunity to be involved and test our ability to track an actual balloon. We spent the weekend getting the DEFENDER ready and kitted out with recovery and safety gear, all of our radios and […]


Balloon Tracking Vehicle

The chances of our balloon landing somewhere next to a nice sealed road are fairly slim. With the wind taking the balloon where it will, we need a vehicle that will allow us to go basically anywhere to chase our balloon. Today we purchased the “balloon chaser” .. a Land Rover Defender … Its done […]

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