Google Balloon

Google Balloon spotted over Sydney

We spotted a Google Balloon flying over Sydney. We heard on the radio people reporting a UFO, which we knew would be a rocket casing or a balloon .. it usually is. SO went out the back with binoculars and a telescope and spotted it This was a pic with an iphone through the telescope […]


Balloons Arrived & Helium

Whoo hoo .. our balloons arrived today from Scientific Sales. All three are safely here, it took about a week which is great. Now we will be able to make the fill tube as we know the diameter of the balloons neck. Also went in to talk to BOC Gases today about getting some Helium […]


Balloons on the way

We ordered our weather balloons in late November from Scientific Sales in the US. We ordered three balloons in case we have any issues on launch day we will have spares. We were supplied with a tracking number from USPS but unfortunately the tracking information didnt seem to be updating, but being xmas we thought […]


Balloon Chasing

Team CHNSA had the chance to be involved with a recent balloon launch  with Robert Brand (VK2URB) and jumped at the opportunity to be involved and test our ability to track an actual balloon. We spent the weekend getting the DEFENDER ready and kitted out with recovery and safety gear, all of our radios and […]


Research Research Research

As expected, we are on a steep learning curve with the new project, but we have been doing a bit of background research over the last 3 months or so to come up to speed. We have been researching the following – Balloon Suppliers – Kaymont in the US seems to be the supplier of […]

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