Habduino packaged with on/off switch and dipole Antenna

Habduino Tracker packaged & Ready to fly

Our Habduino tacker has been through a lot of testing including tied to the front of the 4WD and driven at 100km/hr. It packaged in a foam container with the GPS antenna and radio antenna attached. This configuration includes string loops for connection to the inline balloon string


Payload Box Complete

The payload box is done, we made a few small changes to the payload box size based on advice from others (Thanks Robert) and observations from the launch we were involved in earlier in the year. Once the new sizing was determined we used the hot wire foam cutter to cut the foam pieces to […]


Hot Wire Foam Cutter Version 2

As we are custom making the payload box out of foam, we needed to use a hot wire cutter to make sure the foam is cut accurately. We used the same setup and design from our original hot wire cutter and made the cutting section bigger so that we could cut foam in sizes up […]


Foam Cutter for Payload Box

To keep the weight down we are going to custom make the foam payload containers. To do this we needed a foam cutter to cut Styrofoam with straight edges. Once heated the nichrome wire slices through Styrofoam like a hot knife through butter. We have built in a hard straight edge to run the foam past the cutting wire […]

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