Helium Supplier Found

We have found a cost effective helium supplier in Sydney called “The Party Warehouse“. They were much more reasonable with the rental of the tanks and price of the helium,  were friendly and actually interested in what we were doing. We are able to get two (2) E Size tanks  for a week for $129 […]


Balloons Arrived & Helium

Whoo hoo .. our balloons arrived today from Scientific Sales. All three are safely here, it took about a week which is great. Now we will be able to make the fill tube as we know the diameter of the balloons neck. Also went in to talk to BOC Gases today about getting some Helium […]


Research Research Research

As expected, we are on a steep learning curve with the new project, but we have been doing a bit of background research over the last 3 months or so to come up to speed. We have been researching the following – Balloon Suppliers – Kaymont in the US seems to be the supplier of […]

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