Flightpath - Full flight to apogee and landing

Habduino Tracker Flight 3

The third flight of our tracker this weekend and we were pretty confident that the habduino tracker as well as the Igate and tracking software in our chase car would perform as expected. We were once again flying on-board with our friend Robert Brand from Wotzup and Project Thunderstruck. Launch was from Weethalle in mid Western […]

Laptop running iGate Software connected to THD72A with antenna on the roof

iGate mounted in 4WD

Our iGate is now mounted in the 4WD. – The laptop has a custom wooden mount which sits on the centre console of the defender – The Kenwood TH-D72A sits in the drinks holder. An antenna mounted on the roof racks provides great reception – A custom mount for the Inverter, Laptop power supply and […]


APRS Mobile iGate

When balloons we are tracking are at low attitude on launch and descent the closest iGates can be 100km or more away and we dont get updated from the onboard trackers. To help get accurate positions we have installed APRS iGate software on our laptop and connected to our Kenwood TH-D72A. APRSISCE is developed by […]

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