GoPro Camera Mounted & High Visibility

To make sure we have every chance of seeing the payload box when it lands, we have painted it hot pink !!!. We did try red but it was a dull red and not very good, we had some pink paint left over from another project and we painted a spare piece of foam and […]


SPOT 2 axis gymbal

The SPOT is our secondary tracker for our payload. We use it to provide a GPS location of the payload when its on the ground. The challenge is that the SPOT must be facing the sky in order to get GPS signals, as well as broadcast the current GPS location to overhead Globalstar Satellites.  To […]


Payload Box Complete

The payload box is done, we made a few small changes to the payload box size based on advice from others (Thanks Robert) and observations from the launch we were involved in earlier in the year. Once the new sizing was determined we used the hot wire foam cutter to cut the foam pieces to […]


Payload Design

This is the latest version (Version 3) of our payload design and this is the one we will go ahead and build. The design was created using Google Sketchup. This allowed us to design the payload container with everything in the correct scale. It also allowed us to make changes as necessary in an electronic format before […]


Foam Cutter for Payload Box

To keep the weight down we are going to custom make the foam payload containers. To do this we needed a foam cutter to cut Styrofoam with straight edges. Once heated the nichrome wire slices through Styrofoam like a hot knife through butter. We have built in a hard straight edge to run the foam past the cutting wire […]

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